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Riding to Glory: Ben Maher


In the world of showjumping, the name Ben Maher is synonymous with excellence, and his remarkable career has been defined not only by his unparalleled talent but also by the extraordinary horses he's ridden. According to the data from Jumpr App, Ben Maher is ranked #1 in FEI ranking and prized almost 7 millions EUR throughout his career. In this blog, we dive into the partnership of Ben Maher and his famous equine companions and the impressive statistics that have cemented his status as one of the sport's all-time greats.

Benjamin "Ben" Maher's journey to becoming a showjumping legend is inseparable from the incredible horses he's had the privilege of riding. These equine athletes have played a pivotal role in his success, forging bonds that transcend words and have resulted in extraordinary achievements.


Tripple X III:

One of the most iconic partnerships in Ben Maher's career was with the stallion "Tripple X III." Together, they soared to new heights in the showjumping world. Some of their notable triumphs include:

  1. Team Gold at the London Olympics (2012): Ben Maher and Tripple X III were instrumental in securing team gold for Great Britain on home soil, marking an unforgettable moment in Olympic history.
  2. Countless Grand Prix: Their list of Grand Prix victories is extensive, including wins at prestigious events like the Global Champions Tour, the Spruce Meadows Masters, and the Longines Hong Kong Masters.
  3. World Cup Finals: Ben Maher and Tripple X III consistently impressed at World Cup Finals, making multiple appearances and delivering top-notch performances.

The horse who helped Britain to Olympic glory retires at Hickstead


Explosion W:

In recent years, Ben Maher has been dazzling audiences with the brilliant "Explosion W." The giant chestnut gelding with a big heart and limitless potential in showjumping awed the audiences with his stylish jumps. Together, Ben Maher and Explosion W has earned 2,928,935 EUR and countless podiums. This duo won the individual gold in the 2019 Olympics and dominated the Longines Global Champions Tour. 

Ben Maher winning the gold medal with Explosion W

Ben Maher's journey to glory in showjumping is not just about his talent, but also the incredible horses he's ridden. Tripple X III and Explosion W are more than just horses; they are partners who have shared in his triumphs. Ben Maher's career stands as a testament to his skill, passion, and remarkable partnerships with these equine athletes. As he continues to ride into the annals of equestrian history, Ben Maher's legacy is secured as one of the sport's greatest champions.